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2018 Technology Exchange Sponsor Case Studies

Join us on November 8, 2018 for our practitioner case study sessions. Read below to learn more about these customer success stories!


Within just 90 days, 6sense's ABM platform became what Zendesk’s VP of NA Sales called “the most important tool in their marketing and sales tech stack”!


Learn how Commvault created a technology stack that provides full visibility into the impact marketing is driving.


During this session, GE will discuss how they are integrating event technology with their Martech stack to prove the impact of events on the business.


Demandbase will discuss AI in B2B Advertising and how to capture real buyers at their most receptive.


In this session you’ll learn how Fedex uses Everstring to execute modern sales prospecting and selling to drive incredible outcomes.


During this session, Apptio, will share how Highspot helped them tackle the challenge of aligning the go-to-market team with a sales enablement solution that reps actually use.


Learn how Pure Storage uses Idio's content intelligence and 1st party intent data to automate 1:1 personalization based on individual's interests, driving measurably better marketing ROI.


Join Leadspace and Extreme Networks as they discuss the journey around MarTech Stack Optimization with a Sales First Focus.


During this session, Stephen Champion, Senior Business Value Manager at Okta, will be interviewed by the ROI Guy Tom Pisello, to reveal how Okta evolved from spreadsheets to interactive sales tools.


ConnectWise used Mintigoᴬᴵ to build a predictive model that gave the sales team insight into each lead’s DNA as well as the record's propensity to convert.


This session will illustrate how MRP helped Western Digital shift from a traditional marketing strategy to an account-based marketing strategy.


Learn how to build a business case to gain leadership support around a consolidated, efficient approach to content.


In this session, you’ll hear from organizations that have successfully built consent collection into new and existing tools, learning the latest best practices and hearing practical advice.


Learn how the Procore marketing team solved their lead generation problems using PathFactory’s Content Insight and Activation Platform.

Palo Alto Networks will share how they leverage data-driven insights from sales activity to increase and accelerate revenue generation across go-to-market teams.


Join this session to learn how TimeTrade is using a human touch in their ABM campaigns to drive significant pipeline growth.