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Program of the Year (POY) Award

Program of the Year (POY) award recognizes SiriusDecisions advisory clients that have achieved significant and innovative results through a program implemented within a marketing, sales or product function. Recipients will be invited to participate in a track session at Summit Europe 2020 and in the creation of a Select Practice. 

We are looking for best practices in the following services (awards will not be given in every category):

Marketing Executive service

Portfolio Marketing service

Demand and Account Based Marketing service

Marketing Operations service

Channel Marketing service

Customer Engagement service

Sales Executive service

Sales Operations service

Sales Enablement service

Product Management service

Emerging Growth Marketing service

Emerging Growth Sales service


Submit your nomination before 15 June 2020!

Criteria Specific eligibility criteria include:

The organization is able to demonstrate its program is innovative and has achieved strong results, positively impacting the efficiency and effectiveness of the function.

The organization has used SiriusDecisions models and methods as a part of its program.

Nomination Forms

Nominees for a POY Award must complete a nomination form describing at a high level the program, identifies the related SiriusDecisions service area, lists the names of program leaders/presenters, and describes why the initiative should be considered for a POY award based on the criteria above. Multiple submissions are permitted.

Nominations must be submitted NO LATER than 15 June 2020.

Non-Considered Submissions Nominations from the following will not be given consideration by the SiriusDecisions team:

Companies that are not active clients of SiriusDecisions.

Companies (or divisions of companies $5 billion or greater) that have received an POY award at Summit Europe in the last two years.

Programs from sales and marketing vendors themselves that focus on the use of their technology or services.

Sales and marketing vendors can nominate clients for the Programs of the Year awards; however, the nomination form and process must be completed by the client, not the vendor. Vendor-completed nominations will not be considered, and vendors will not be allowed to speak on behalf of a client.

Submit your nomination!