Summit USSpeakers Mike Raimondi

Mike Raimondi

Principal Analyst, Marketing Operations

Mike is a global business analytics leader. For more than 25 years, he has provided B2B consulting support to clients in a wide range of industries, analyzing markets, customers and costs. Using large-scale data integration and pertinent quantitative methods, he estimates total addressable market, segments markets, prioritizes and targets opportunities, and quantifies potential sales to new and existing customers. Mike uses data, analytics, and models to generate business and market insights that improve decision-making and enhance business performance.

Prior to joining Sirius Decisions, Mike served as managing director of Decision Metrics LLC and senior director of consulting at IHS Global Insight. In these positions, he developed many customized models to explain and forecast company and industry sales, market conditions, cost changes, the effects of new technologies on economic development, employment and business location activity, and the effects of advertising on sales.

Mike received an MA in economics and BS in international economic affairs from Georgetown University.