Summit USSpeakers Caroline Robertson

Caroline Robertson

VP, Research Director, B2B Marketing

Caroline is a leader of Forrester’s research serving B2B marketing professionals. As VP, research director, she manages analysts who help B2B marketing leaders navigate complex buyer dynamics; develop and execute effective strategies; and select appropriate technologies to drive business impact through compelling content, sales enablement, channel activation, performance management and customer engagement.

In her roles as market analyst and marketing and business development leader, Caroline has brought numerous cross-functional teams together to drive growth in dynamic markets. Prior to joining Forrester, Caroline led marketing and market analyst teams as an executive at IBM and Cisco. While at IBM, Caroline helped market pre-cloud businesses, develop the first marketing program targeting the C-suite, introduce hosted industry solutions, and market infrastructure solutions integrating products and services. As director of marketing at Cisco, Caroline helped shape and drive marketing strategies and messaging for the company’s second-largest division. Caroline was also director at IDC, where she established its Business Network Services practice.

Caroline is experienced working with the media and presenting at corporate and trade events. She holds a BA in literature and economics from Smith College.