Summit USSpeakers Renee Irion

Renee Irion

Principal Analyst, Demand and Account-Based Marketing

Renee has nearly 20 years of experience helping a variety of industries and organizations utilize digital strategies to enhance customer experiences, improve operations and programs, and maximize business value.

Before joining SiriusDecisions, Renee spent more than four years at Whole Foods Market. As a senior marketing leader, she assisted in the evolution of the marketing and digital technology organizations. Renee established digital product management and user experience teams responsible for the website, app and marketing technology platform; cultivated digital activation and analytics; and advanced the strategic planning, operations and delivery of cross-functional marketing and technology initiatives by rolling out a formalized agile process.

Prior to Whole Foods Market, Renee worked at Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) for more than 10 years. At AMD, Renee grew the breadth and depth of her knowledge in digital and content marketing, digital analytics, marketing technology selection and management, customer experience, and leadership. Her contributions included the redesign, launch and optimization of, AMD’s e-commerce website and intranet, all of which made a positive impact on AMD’s brand and marketing programs. In addition, she managed teams that progressed AMD’s social media presence, SEO, user experience and digital platform capabilities. Before AMD, Renee was a consultant to various small and medium-sized businesses on how to leverage digital to evolve their business.

Renee started her professional career at Dell, where she held roles as an analyst, content manager and product manager. She was part of the founding team, which helped catapult Dell to become a leader in e-commerce and achieve its first $1M per day in e-commerce sales.

Renee graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a bachelor of science in advertising and a minor in business.