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You’re a Media Company Now, So Get Your DAM House in Order

Monday May 4, 2020 | 11:05 AM - 11:25 AM

Speaker(s):  Nick Barber

Track(s): Technology Segment Deep Dives, Content Leader

You know that rich media, such as images and video, drives buyer engagement, but managing the creation and storage of that content in an ad hoc way just isn’t sustainable. Digital asset management (DAM) helps you manage the entire lifecycle of content: It facilitates planning and collaboration, serves as a centralized space to store and manage content, and connects to downstream delivery systems to enhance customer experience.

This presentation will provide the following benefits:

  • See where, how and why companies are using DAM to drive efficiency across the organization
  • Know the key DAM vendors, how to diagnose your DAM need and the criteria that Forrester uses to differentiate providers
  • Identify next steps to take back to your organization to begin (or continue) your DAM journey

May 4–7, 2020 | Live Virtual Experience

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