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Is CRM Dead?


Will customer relationship management (CRM) technology be the backbone of your company’s sales infrastructure (and revenue operations) in the future? Or will it become a contact storage database? With the rise of powerful AI-driven technologies that are smarter, more accurate and more effective, the need for a CRM solution as the largest sales tool investment is decreasing. Increasingly, as companies build out their infrastructure with tools such as sales engagement platforms, configure, price and quote (CPQ) solutions, customer lifecycle management (CLM), forecasting, reporting and data visualization, sales reps are operating less in CRM systems for their day-to-day needs. CRM providers continue to add features to compete, but can they? Should your organization pursue the same level of investment or is it time to rethink its tech stack? Organizations that are reimplementing a CRM solution, or exploring their first CRM solution, must consider several factors and also explore other technologies that can best support their sales reps and customers.  

This session will provide the following benefits:

  • Understand how CRM, which remains the system of record for sales, has never fully realized its promise of driving more insight into the buyer-aligned sales process or managing customer relationships
  • Learn how new ecosystems and tools that have evolved are moving CRM into more of a supporting role in the sales tech stack
  • Know what factors to consider when considering how to implement and customize a CRM system

May 4–7, 2020 | Live Virtual Experience

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