Summit US Sessions PMKTG_The New Buyers Journey Fortifying Your Messaging Strategy

The New Buyer's Journey: Fortifying Your Messaging Strategy

Tuesday May 7, 2019 | 2:35 PM - 3:15 PM

Speaker(s):  Barbara Winters, Christina McKeon

Focus: Operationalize, Optimize

Priorities: Personas and Buyer Insights; Portfolio Messaging and Content

Well over half of all b-to-b buying decisions involve a group – ranging from cross-departmental teams with a few members to large, complex executive committees. This reality requires portfolio marketers to create distinctive messaging that works at both the individual level and the overall buying group level, where personalities and behavior can shift unexpectedly based on group dynamics.

For sales, marketing and product:

  • Understand buying group behavior and how behavior changes based on individual and group needs
  • Learn how to apply the SiriusDecisions Messaging Nautilus™ to create and deliver messaging that resonates at the individual and group level
  • Know how to create messaging that distinguishes you from the competition and is difficult for competitors to copy