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The Customer-Obsessed Revenue Engine: What It Means to Deliver High Performance Today While Building for B-to-B’s Future

Monday May 6, 2019 | 3:55 PM - 4:35 PM

Speaker(s):  Marisa Kopec

We’re at the start of an industry revolution presenting a vast amount of exciting opportunities for b-to-b leaders. Though the secret of how to thrive in these evolving times is surprisingly simple, the changes required for success are not – and never has the future been so unevenly distributed. This landscape demands a revenue engine that’s not only technologically advanced but also fueled by the perfect blend of alignment and customer obsession. In this presentation, you’ll get a first look at the science proving what’s inside today’s high-performing revenue engine and a preview of the five trends shaping the future of that engine over the next five years. This presentation will provide the following benefits for sales, marketing and product:

  • The essential focus areas of today’s high-performing b-to-b revenue engine, as shown by analysis of data from hundreds of b-to-b companies
  • The five trends shaping b-to-b’s future that leaders must now take steps to embrace or risk being left behind