Summit US Sessions MAIN_Respect and Relevance How Privacy and Trust Deliver Growth

The Respect and Relevance Imperative in the Age of the Customer

Monday May 6, 2019 | 4:35 PM - 5:15 PM

Speaker(s):  Isabel Montesdeoca, Peter Ostrow

Focus: Adopt, Operationalize

Priorities: TBD

We’re all familiar with headlines showcasing the most and least respected consumer brands, rankings typically driven by either strong product loyalty or “what were they thinking?” service failures. How did these outcomes evolve from earlier decisions made by marketing, sales and product leaders? And what lessons should we, as b-to-b practitioners, be learning? So many organizations begin with a positive focus on the needs of their customers, but unless it is underpinned by a commitment to respect and relevance, what began as a positive can turn into a negative. This presentation will provide the following benefits:
  • Understand how customer interaction strategies based on a continuum of respect and relevance can lead to great customer-centricity
  • Learn to spot the external triggers that signal an urgent need to move beyond collecting customer insights to delivering customer respect and relevance
  • Identify the appropriate roles and responsibilities within your organization to sponsor and drive this next chapter in the age of the customer