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Help Me Help You: What B2B Revenue Engine Leaders Want From Their Peers

Speaker(s):  Jeff Lash, Jennifer Ross

The relationships that sales, marketing and product executives have with each other is critical to their individual success and to the long-term success of the business. However, few leaders of these functions have full visibility into their peers’ needs. What do the leaders of each function wish that the other functional leaders knew? What do they wish their peers would do differently, helping them all improve effectiveness? In this session, we’ll reveal insights from our research about what marketing, sales and product leaders need from their peers in order to achieve success. 

This session will provide the following benefits:

  • Get candid insights from marketing, sales and product leaders on what their peers do that hinders effectiveness of them and their teams
  • Learn what to do — and what not to do — to improve your interlock with functional peers and be seen as an effective executive
  • Gain insights into the impact that improved interlock between revenue engine leaders can have on individuals and business results

May 4–7, 2020 | Live Virtual Experience

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