Summit US Sessions CSOS_Its All About Execution The AI Enabled Approach to Closing Business

It's All About Execution: The AI-Enabled Approach to Closing Business

Wednesday May 8, 2019 | 3:25 PM - 4:05 PM

Speaker(s):  Mike Pregler, Daniel Hong

Focus: Adopt, Operationalize

Priorities: Sales Execution

High performing sales organizations are improving their sales execution by leveraging innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) to increase productivity throughout their entire buyer-aligned sales process. New AI technologies augment how sellers engage buyers, recommend solutions, qualify opportunities, and close more business.

In this session you will learn:

  • Examples of how high-performing sales organizations are leveraging AI to excel at sales execution.
  • How AI is impacting all stages of the sales cycle and enabling reps to close more business faster.
  • Why sales leaders should be evaluating the use of AI across all phases of their buyer-aligned sales process.