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Why Product Management Leaders Should Attend SiriusDecisions 2019 Summit

SiriusDecisions Summit is the must attend event for b-to-b innovators and trendsetters that drive growth in the most well-respected high-performing companies in the market today. It will provide product management leaders with new insights into how they can improve how product management is practiced within their organization, and how they can achieve high performance across the revenue engine, through alignment with their marketing and sales counterparts.

2019 Summit features even more product management-focused content than ever before, including a dedicated Product Management Track, focused on priorities of b-to-b product management leaders and their teams.

SiriusDecisions 2019 Summit Product Management Experience

Sunday, May 5, 2019

New for 2019 is a full day of interactive, facilitated thought-leadership focusing on leadership and development that we’re calling Super Sunday. Highlights include:

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

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Why Should Product Leaders Attend Summit?

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Improve Your Product Management Practice

1. Participate in an exclusive gathering of your executive peers. Networking opportunities throughout SiriusDecisions Summit will provide an opportunity to make connection with and learn from other b-to-b product management leaders.

2. Take a deep dive into topics specifically relevant to product management. Presentations from SiriusDecisions analysts will unveil new research beneficial to product management leaders, including driving product management success with agile development, best practices for minimum viable products, how to maximize the value of product enhancements, insights into high-performing product teams, and a look at trends impacting product management’s future.

3. Get introduced to best-in-class product management frameworks. SiriusFoundations will provide delegates the opportunity to learn more about our core product management frameworks. These essential sessions present overviews of best-in-class models that are key to improving product management performance and will drive interlock as an organization looks to innovate and bring products to market.


Get Exposure to the Best Thinking In B-to-B

1. Learn about key trends and emerging b-to-b topics. Presentations by SiriusDecisions analysts will provide insight on the forces that are shaping the market and case studies shared by product management, marketing and sales practitioners will shed light on the real-life challenges and priorities of today’s business leaders.

2. Gain awareness of the b-to-b technology landscape. The SiriusDecisions Summit Marketplace presents an unparalleled opportunity to gain insight on technologies available to b-to-b product management leaders. The Marketplace is a convenient, all-in-one location for delegates to connect with current partners, as well as where to see what’s new from leading b-to-b technology and services providers.

3. Learn from legendary guest keynote presenters. Guest keynote presentations will feature well-known speakers from outside the realm of b-to-b who will apply their expertise to relevant issues such as leadership and innovation.

May 3-6, 2020 | Austin, TX

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