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LPC Advisors

LPC Advisors is an online media publisher and lead generation service provider with multiple tech-focused publications under its umbrella. We diversify the entire composite business acceleration service model by implementing unique tech solutions to the legacy lead and demand generation services. We have a distinct Intent based demand generation approach which revolves around using navigational, transactional and informational intelligence to gauge rightful intent of the audience. Our tech publications boast of multi-faceted streams. We have - – focused on marketing technology – focused on human resource technology – focused on finance technology – focused on AI, Cybersecurity, IOT and Network Infrastructure

Our goal is to augment intent and preferences of consumers on first-party data to generate leads through demand generation campaigns that cover the entire spectrum from content syndication, webinar registrations, event promotions, highly qualified lead campaigns and appointment garnering. The LPC team is made up of more than 200 employees across Singapore, US, India and UK.

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