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Lattice Engines

Lattice Engines is the only B2B Customer Data Platform built for scaling Account-Based Marketing (ABM) programs to millions of targets. Unlike other vendors, Lattice brings together all 1st and 3rd party customer data into a single place and makes it available to marketers for creating AI-driven audiences. The platform publishes the audiences to all your systems of engagement (e.g. ad platforms, marketing automation systems, CRM systems, web and content management systems, etc.) so that you can drive hyper-targeted campaigns with buyers across all channels.

Companies like Adobe, Google, Informatica, and Paypal are able to drive 3x higher pipeline, 40% higher win rates and 2x greater revenue by using the Lattice Platform. Lattice is a Salesforce Gold Partner and was named a leader in AI for B2B Marketing and Sales and strong performer in ABM.