Summit US Case Studies Ziff Davis B2B Case Study

Beyond buzzwords: omni-channel, ABM, buyer's journey, intent signals, storytelling. Sometimes what seems like “Buzzword Bingo”, if done right, can be your most powerful strategy.

Sponsor Name: Ziff Davis B2B

Speaker: Erik Archer Smith, Marketing Director, ABM, ARM Treasure Data; Amit Varshneya, Vice President, Media, Ziff Davis B2B

We'll go beyond the buzzwords in this session, featuring insights from over 200 CMO interviews on how they're moving their marketing teams to revenue centers through the use of data, omni-channel ABM, CDPs, sales & marketing alignment and more.

Join us as we dive deeper into these trends and emerging tactics to show how they come together to enable true ABM and generate real results. Progressive marketer Erik Archer Smith from ARM Treasure Data will walk you through a real life example of how he's partnered with Ziff Davis B2B to increase average deal size by 5x, outperforming other vendors. Erik's actionable insights coupled with the key trends we identified across more than 200 CMOs in our Thought Leadership Interview Series will enable marketers to leave with an executable plan for their own omni-channel marketing success.

We'll share:

  • Key takeaways on what's really “moving the needle” across a diverse group of innovative and strategic CMOs including Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Cisco, Unisys, Optiv, IBM Services and others
  • Real life examples of leveraging data to better understand your customers' journey, facilitating sales & marketing alignment, sales enablement, and mapping personas & content 
  • An actual CDP-powered dashboard report built to solve complex buyer's journeys, account progression, and attribution that will help you make decisions and optimize campaigns appropriately quickly and easily