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This Is Sparta: How Coyote Logistics Harnessed A Challenger Mindset to Achieve Audacious Results

Tuesday May 5, 2020 | 12:35 PM - 12:55 PM

Sponsor Name: Wpromote

Speaker: Michael Stone, Chief Relationship Officer, Wpromote, Christina Bottis, CMO, Coyote Logistics, a UPS Company

“Disruptor” might not be a word you associate with freight shipping, but Coyote Logistics recognized that the complex world of logistics and supply chain management was ripe for a new leader. So how did Coyote Logistics work with Wpromote to increase traffic and decrease their cost per lead by 20%?

By building campaigns that meet customers where they are.

The key need businesses are looking to meet from a shipping company is order and predictability, which can seem almost impossible: there are almost limitless contingencies and scenarios to account for in an operation with so many moving parts. Coyote Logistics teamed up with Wpromote to bring fresh eyes to the metric ton of data that connects their customers to their solutions.

Coyote Logistics challenged Wpromote to help them take on some big, hairy, audacious goals by going straight to the source: their customers. Instead of falling into the perennial trap of targeting marketing campaigns based on how we assume customers talk about logistics, Wpromote leveraged Google’s machine learning capabilities to make sure Coyote Logistics was actually optimizing for the customer voice.

You’ll learn how Wpromote and Coyote Logistics partnered to figure out:

  • How data can help brands understand customer voice and match that voice to intent
  • How to translate long-tail keyword insights into campaigns at scale that align with business goals and get results in aggregate
  • How to stop spending money on the obvious targets and find opportunities where the competition isn’t even on the map
  • How to drive efficiency by investing resources where they can have the biggest impact on the bottom line

No retreat. No surrender. Just leveraging customer data intelligently and reaping the results.