Summit US Case Studies TrueInfluence Case Study 4

The Importance of Making Content Syndication Part of Your Marketing Ecosystem

Sponsor Name: True Influence

Speakers: Kay Kienast, Chief Marketing Officer, True Influence; Bryan Williams, Director of Marketing, NEC Corporation of Americas

Making content syndication part of the marketing ecosystem within large B2B companies is critical to create and maintain a successful sales program. Being able to segment, target and populate the sales pipeline with timely content has proven successful for NEC. Working with True Influence, NEC has enhanced its internal marketing process and gained confidence that there is a steady supply of new, highly-qualified and fully-validated contact records.

This session will cover:

  • Designing campaign targeting programs that tap into new audiences for improved ROI
  • Creating a successful process to properly utilize your company’s content
  • Determining quality, quantity and overall result expectations from content syndication