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Stop the Event Madness! How Expedia Group Scales B2B Events

Sponsor Name: Splash

Speakers: Spencer Darrington, Senior Director, Field Marketing & Operations, Expedia Group; Amy Barone, Chief Strategy Officer, Splash

Expedia Group’s B2B marketing team helps over ~1.5M lodging partners list their properties and grow their business using Expedia Group’s tools and platforms. With 3,500+ field sales personnel across the globe relying heavily on events to develop, maintain, and grow their B2B relationships the marketing team needed to stop the event madness. Event branding was all over the place, event management was done using pencil and paper, freemium software or Excel spreadsheets, and no one was sure if events were achieving the desired impact. With an ever-increasing number of event requests made to the marketing team, something had to change.

In this session, you’ll learn firsthand how Expedia Group made the case for event management software, selected the right solution, and empowered their in-market teams with a self-service model that allows them to easily (and safely) manage their growing event needs. The best part? They’re collecting more data from their events than ever before and have improved the overall attendee experience in the process.

Attend this session to learn how to:

  • Make the business case for events software to your leadership
  • Find the right SaaS solution for your needs in a sea of software providers
  • Scale the solution via a marketing supported or self-service model
  • Consistently capture performance data needed to justify event spend
  • Improve the overall event experience for your internal teams and actual attendees