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Aligning Rapid Growth with Rapid Tech Adoption: Activity-Based Sales Enablement at Pluralsight

Sponsor Name: Seismic

Speakers: Tyler Zeman, Director of Product Marketing, Pluralsight; Meg Guarente, Seismic

Among sales teams at fast growing companies, adoption of new processes often goes by the wayside. A new way of doing things and the requisite training involved can be seen as a hindrance to growth. Pluralsight, which has experienced seven consecutive quarters of at least 50% growth in B2B billings even while filing for an IPO in early 2018, was determined to prove the opposite with the implementation of their new sales enablement technology stack. Join Tyler Zeman, Director of Product Marketing at Pluralsight, as he explains the creation of a next-gen activity-based enablement model that has resulted in 99% adoption rates through the integration of Seismic, Salesforce, and Gmail. Zelman will also explain his vision for sustained success while his sales team continues to scale through a “meet them where they live” enablement philosophy. Tyler will be joined by Meg Guarente a Seismic Product Marketing Manager.