Summit US Case Studies Salesforce Case Study 3

How ThoughtSpot’s Real-time Approach to Business is Showing Us the Future of B2B Demand Generation

Sponsor Name: Salesforce

Speakers: Risa Peterson, Director of Field Marketing, ThoughtSpot; Sean Whiteley, Co-Founder, Qualified

We live in a real-time world. Companies like Lyft, Spotify, Amazon, and Netflix have dominated their respective markets largely due to their real-time service delivery model. As a result, there is a new set of expectations for buyers on the Web, including B2B buyers. But how are B2B sales and marketing teams evolving their approach to meet this new bar?

Thoughtspot is a B2B leader who takes a real-time approach to everything they do in business, and it represents the future of real-time b2B demand generation.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • What ThoughtSpot means by real-time demand generation
  • Why a single data platform maximizes real-time performance
  • How personalized experiences improve conversion rates
  • How conversational marketing drives pipeline
  • How instant access to data drives insights to action