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Demystifying Data: Powering ABM with Clear UI and Machine Learning

Sponsor Name: Salesforce

Speaker: Sara McNamara, Senior Manager, Marketing Operations, Cloudera

They say "If you build it, they will come," but how can you make sure that your team understands what "it" is? Through data sources, platforms, machine learning, and advanced analytics, we are able to generate valuable ABM-focused data, but how do we surface the data in a way that is able to be easily understood and actioned upon? Join us to learn how data analytics and marketing automation power Cloudera's ABM strategy. Attendees will learn answers to questions like:

  • There are tons of data sources nowadays — how can marketers collaborate with marketing operations (and potentially data scientists) to best organize, surface and understand this data?
  • Powering new ABM campaigns through marketing automation — now that we can see the data clearly, what should we do with it?
  • How do we use data and automation to keep marketing and sales aligned on target accounts, so we reach out to the right accounts at the right time *for them*?