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How Paycor Shifted to Human-Centric Marketing, at Scale

Sponsor Name: PFL

Speakers: Jason Yarborough, Director of Strategic Alliances, PFL; Gretchen Swann, Principal Corporate Prospect Marketing Program Manager, Paycor

Don’t use automation as a crutch to substitute scale for intimacy. It’s not about delivering more - it's about delivering something relevant, at the right time, in the best way. Hear how Paycor moved from large blast sends to serving up relevant content to their prospects. By understanding what a buyer is interested in and layering in the more intimate channel of direct mail, Paycor was able to deliver experiences that significantly increased engagement, conversions, and revenue.

Key Takeaways:

  • Strategies for finding what your target accounts and prospects want through data.
  • Tips for moving from batch-and-blast sends to an always-on, relevant listening approach.
  • Insight into how top marketers are using multi-channel campaigns to boost engagement.