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Teamwork, Tech & Tenacity: How GAN Integrity Achieved 3X Pipeline Growth

Wednesday May 6, 2020 | 12:35 PM - 12:55 PM

Sponsor Name: PathFactory

Speakers: Adam Kaiser, Vice President, Global Marketing, GAN Integrity

The reality of working at a high-growth company is that you need to hit aggressive targets to sustain the momentum. When Adam Kaiser, Vice President, Global Marketing at GAN Integrity, was handed a huge revenue goal for 2019, he knew the status quo wouldn’t cut it. The website wasn’t driving enough inbound leads, BDRs’ outbound meetings weren’t converting to opportunities at an acceptable rate, there was friction in the buying journey, and his team didn’t have access to critical data that would help them identify and focus on the right accounts.

In this session, Adam will share the story of how he developed a strategy that solved these challenges, supported growth targets without killing his team, and delivered results - to the tune of 3X increase in marketing-sourced pipeline.

Here’s what you’ll learn: -

  • The SEO and website tactics Adam and his team use to drive nearly 4X more inbound demo requests -
  • How they use tech like PathFactory and 6sense to run a scalable inbound & outbound ABM program
  • Adam's blueprint for a new lead scoring model informed by real-time content engagement data
  • Why they’re about to ungate every piece of content on their website and how it will help them drive more qualified demand