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How PTC created a better buying experience with a real-time nurturing strategy

Tuesday May 5, 2020 | 11:20 AM - 11:40 AM

Sponsor Name: PathFactory

Speakers: Jen Dold, Senior Director, Demand Generation, PTC

As PTC noticed their B2B buyers changing, they knew they would have to adapt their marketing strategy or risk alienating their audience. They had forms, linear nurture campaigns, and one-size-fits-all content offers at every turn. Every buyer was treated the same, resulting in slow lead velocity, more lead disqualification from sales, and no visibility into which content was resonating.

Inspired by on-demand experiences like Netflix, PTC adopted a real-time nurturing strategy to give buyers a better experience. Now, the team drives prospects into collections of curated content, and uses engagement data and other buying signals to determine where that buyer should go next.

Join Jen Dold, Sr. Director, Demand Generation at PTC, for this session to learn: 

  • The process she used to develop a real-time nurture framework that prescribes distinct journeys for known and unknown prospects
  • The data PTC uses to determine which content resonates most with buyers at every stage of the journey and how to optimize on the fly
  • How they’re growing this strategy up into a world-class ABM program using technology like PathFactory and 6sense