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How Honeywell is transforming its lead-to-revenue process and increasing marketing’s contribution to revenue

Monday May 4, 2020 | 11:30 AM - 11:50 AM

Sponsor Name: PathFactory

Speaker: Zahra Mahedi, Global Digital Leader, Honeywell PMT division)

With the world rapidly evolving, organizations are required to keep pace or risk irrelevance. The biggest risk marketers face is falling behind because they aren’t adapting quickly enough. This was what the Honeywell marketing team faced when they evaluated their lead-to-revenue lifecycle. Under-leveraged technology, lack of sales and marketing alignment, and the absence of real-time content engagement data led to ineffective lead management and a friction-filled customer journey.

In response, the company orchestrated a transformation to modernize the customer experience and the back-end systems and processes that support it.

Join this session with Zahra Mahedi, Global Digital Leader at Honeywell PMT division, to learn:

• How the team got buy-in and executed an overhaul of Honeywell’s lead-to-revenue lifecycle

• How a 7X reduction in forms has helped streamline the customer journey and lead management processes

• How the Honeywell team built a new lead scoring model combined with PathFactory’s real-time engagement data to provide Sales with more qualified leads

• How the marketing team is achieving an increased contribution to revenue