Summit US Case Studies PathFactory Case Study 3

Adopt, Retain, Grow: How Adobe Maximizes Engagement and Retention by Delivering Frictionless Customer Journeys

Sponsor Name: PathFactory

Speakers: Lori DeFurio, Group Manager, Retention and Customer Engagement Marketing, Adobe; Joe Klinker, Manager, Product & Customer Marketing, Adobe

People expect frictionless, on-demand experiences in all aspects of their lives from binge-watching a series on Netflix to binge-consuming information to make important purchase decisions. And it’s a B2B marketer’s job to remove barriers at every stage of the customer journey to make it as smooth as possible. That’s why the team at Adobe Document Cloud puts customer enablement at the forefront of their retention marketing efforts.

The Adobe team delivers high-touch, hyper-personalized, bingeable content tracks at every stage of their post-sale customer journey: onboarding, retention, and expansion. Join this session to learn how they:

  • Achieved 300% more engagement with key content by better enabling customers at every stage of the post-sale journey
  • Gain insight into topics and content formats that resonate most with their customers so they can continue producing the content their audiences want
  • Proved the efficacy of this approach with a demand campaign that led to a whopping 4.5X increase in MQL conversion!