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Redefining Marketing: The Role of Tech on Panasonic's Road to Integrated Marketing

Sponsor Name: NewsCred

Speakers: Susan Campbell, Marketing Group Manager, Panasonic Mobility; Shafqat Islam, Co-Founder & CEO, NewsCred; Mary Litteer, Head of Global Content, GE Healthcare

The road to success isn’t always perfectly paved. But for the team at Panasonic Mobility, that was rather fitting. Aiming to transform its marketing operation and deliver a consistent experience across every customer touchpoint, Panasonic shifted gears and embraced technology to help cultivate an integrated approach to marketing.

Join Susan Campbell, Marketing Group Manager at Panasonic Mobility, and Shafqat Islam, NewsCred’s CEO & Co-Founder, as they share anecdotes, blueprints and key learnings around how Panasonic:

  • Aligned 4 previously siloed teams — to provide maximum visibility and facilitate true collaboration
  • Fostered a campaign-centric mindset — to develop more consistent, relevant, and performant content
  • Employed a single, unified measurement framework — to ensure relevant reporting and shared KPIs