Summit US Case Studies MRP Case Study 2

Going Beyond the Click: How WWT Unlocked Actionable Insights With Enterprise Class ABM

Sponsor Name: MRP

Speakers: Jaime Romero, VP, Global ABM, MRP; Chad Bockert, Vice President of Marketing, Word Wide Technology

Prospecting into net new accounts is one thing. Selling to and keeping your current customers is something else altogether. But how do you implement an ABM strategy that goes beyond the click? Unlocking account insights is key to targeting the right advertising message, as well as uncovering sales opportunities. This session will illustrate how MRP helped WWT to not only build out profiles within specific regions through precision advertising but also how they use data at scale to identify organizational level opportunities. After this session you will learn:

  • How to leverage and scale account insights to activate the appropriate audiences 
  • How to use top of the funnel activity and account data to inform and support the sales team 
  • How to strategically target your messaging to go beyond the click