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ABM For The Sophisticated Marketing Organization

Tuesday May 5, 2020 | 11:20 AM - 11:40 AM

Sponsor Name: MRP

Speakers: Tina O’Dell, Global Channel Marketing at Juniper Networks

While data flows through Juniper Networks hardware and software products every day, this session will focus on how they apply data to execute and measure account-based marketing in one of the most demanding environments you’ve ever seen… selling multiple product lines through hundreds of partner organizations to thousands of target accounts globally. Oh, and their objective is to drive post-funnel revenue through renewals, cross-sell, and upsell strategies.

You won’t want to miss this fast-paced session and learn:

  • How combinations of data are required to drive post-funnel revenue strategies using ABM
  • Why ABM has to be driven by the needs/topics of your audience AND their propensity to make a purchase
  • What to measure when you have multiple layers of constituents in your sales and marketing process – be they product and industry groups or channel partners.

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