Summit US Case Studies MRP Case Study

How Thomson Reuters Transformed Their Marketing Department into A Revenue Growth Machine with Enterprise Class ABM

Sponsor Name: MRP

Speakers: Matt Hummel, VP of Marketing, Demand Generation, Thomson Reuters; Jaime Romero, VP, Global ABM, MRP

Marketing functions face increasing pressure to provide, justify and optimize their marketing investments and be revenue accountable. In today’s data-driven world, enterprise class ABM not only grows an organization’s overall top line but provides control of data, visibility into target markets and scalable delivery of high impact engagement strategies. This session will demonstrate how MRP helped Thomson Reuters drive revenue growth by cleansing and reengaging with stale accounts and accelerating sales cycle velocity. After this session you will learn:

  • How to determine the best way to reengage “dead” accounts.  
  • How to deploy ABM to accelerate your pipeline velocity. 
  • Why an enterprise class predictive ABM platform is the ultimate revenue growth driver. 
  • Internal strategies to create sales alignment.