Summit US Case Studies Mintigo Case Study 2

The Quest For Demand Efficiency: Fine-Tuning Your Funnel for Maximum Conversions

Sponsor Name: Mintigo

Speakers: Zubin Tavaria, Senior Director of Demand Generation, NGINX; Carmella Dunn-Hartman, Senior Manager Marketing Operations, NGINX

Data-driven approaches to optimizing your marketing funnel can maximize conversion rates for the revenue streams in which you’re looking to accelerate business growth. It starts with discovering the ideal customer (or persona) for the stages in which you’re measuring success, and then building a test strategy to ensure your desired outcome can be reached. This is where from Mintigo intelligence, powered by AI, has helped NGINX increase opportunity conversion rates for both new business and customer retention. Join this session for tips and techniques on how to plan for funnel optimization, proven test strategies and results, and how to measure success before rolling out funnel enhancements to production.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand your ideal customer to increase conversion and renewal rates
  • How to apply data-driven insights in automation to help prioritize leads for sales
  • Planning for changes and testing before moving to production
  • Monitoring the effect on the funnel performance, sales productivity and pipeline generation