Summit US Case Studies Mindmatrix Case Study 2

How channel managers can use a self-service marketing and sales platform to help their channel partners achieve greater marketing success.

Sponsor Name: Mindmatrix

Speakers: Vedonia Ingram, Director of Client Solutions, Mindmatrix; Todd Davis, Marketing Director, Adaptiv Networks

As a channel manager supporting a 100% reseller model, you face unique challenges: motivating, educating, and enabling sales representatives from a distance. Working with channel partners brings unique challenges: how can you make sure they understand your products? How can you be certain that they know how to sell your solutions? How do you know they are using the right assets at the right time in the sales cycle? Mindmatrix worked with Adaptiv Networks to create a partner portal with self-serve options and automation in-place to create an easy way for channel partners to finish onboarding, get certified, access assets, and send emails that were approved and provided by Adaptiv Network’s marketing team. Learn how this solution was created with ease of use in mind for Adaptiv Network’s channel partners.