Summit US Case Studies Mindmatrix Case Study

Discover how marketing or channel managers can utilize single point solutions to help their channel partners and direct sales teams to shorten sales cycles

Sponsor Name: Mindmatrix

Speakers: Vedonia Ingram, Director of Client Solutions, Mindmatrix; Brandon Most, Director of Portfolio Marketing, Atonix Digital

A common challenge faced by channel and marketing managers is sales and marketing alignment: how to ensure partners understand and deliver the best marketing assets to their leads, and how to share feedback on the effectiveness of marketing communications from sales with marketing. Utilizing technology in order to bridge this gap requires creating a plan that incorporates the needs of your direct sales and channel teams at every stage of the sales cycle. For new channel or marketing managers this is even more challenging. This case study will focus on how a developing partner program managed to create a strategy to address key issues limiting their growth at a crucial stage in partner development.