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From Managing to Maturing: How Hootsuite Built an Assessment Tool to Help Customers Win with Social

Monday May 4, 2020 | 11:30 AM - 11:50 AM

Sponsor Name: Mediafly

Speakers: Tom Pisello, Chief Evangelist, Mediafly, Colin Fenn, Senior Director of Enterprise Value and Solutions, Hootsuite

Growing your brand presence. Authentically connecting with your target audience. Driving bottom line results for your business. When Hootsuite recognized that they could help their customers and prospects identify ways to better leverage social media to meet their unique needs, they turned to Mediafly to create their Social Maturity Assessment Tool.

Join Colin Fenn, Hootsuite’s Senior Director of Enterprise Value and Solutions, and Tom Pisello, Mediafly’s Chief Evangelist, as they reveal how Hootsuite’s customers and prospects are able to:

  • Conduct a self-service evaluation directly from Hootsuite’s website
  • Assess and score their current social media capabilities and maturity
  • Benchmark against their industry peers
  • Obtain tailored consultative recommendations for improvement