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Marketo: Getting to a Single Source of Truth

Sponsor Name: Marketo, an Adobe Company

Speakers: Brooke Bartos, Marketing Automation Manager, Walker Sands Communications; Andy Caron, Consultant, Revenue Pulse

What marketer wouldn’t want a single source of truth about where their leads come from? Everyone wants to know what marketing activities are generating leads into their marketing automation platform. Unfortunately, all too often you either don’t know how to get that data, or you feel overwhelmed by your legacy system with tons of Source=Blank—or worse, Source=Website. So how do you get to the simplest, cleanest, most informative version of lead sources? We'll walk you through a step-by-step process to discover existing data you didn’t even know you had and how to get to that holiest of grails—the source.


  • A simple, straightforward approach to finding source data
  • A practical approach to cleaning source data in a legacy instance
  • Program setup and best practices for keeping future source data accurate and actionable