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How artificial intelligence is changing the demand gen landscape

Sponsor Name: Leadcrunch[ai]

Speaker: Bryce Roberts, Senior Manager, Demand Generation, Oracle Bronto

How should demand gen marketers use artificial intelligence? 
Bryce at Oracle Bronto - a division of Oracle providing ecommerce SaaS for high growth retailers - manages a global portfolio of demand gen channels and world-class vendors. Account-based marketing, predictive analytics, intent-based marketing, and advanced revenue cycle analytics are under his domain. 
In that capacity, Bryce is always looking for innovative demand generation solutions and had been looking specifically for a more scientific way to source leads. 
In this session Bryce will discuss his overall strategy for managing his demand gen portfolio and the specific case of testing a new approach, one that involved building a lookalike audience, using a list of Oracle Bronto best customers and introducing thought-leadership content to those buyer personas.

 “Our ideal customer is not identifiable by just using an industry code or company size. Our customers are retailers who have online shopping carts. Lead gen vendors will give us restaurants, which are part of the retail industry but are generally not a good fit for us. LeadCrunch understands how to find the right accounts, using their lookalike audiences.”
 A few of the results from the pilot using artificial intelligence to create B2B lookalike audiences: 
 - A 67% improvement on cost per new logo over the previous channel benchmark
 - A 78% more efficient opportunity creation, with $500k in pipeline value from just the
 initial pilot
 - A 23% improvement in lead velocity through the funnel
 - A 96% in profile rate compared with 42% across all demand gen channels 
 According to Bryce, “LeadCrunch is creating opportunities at a rate we haven’t
 seen before. In early-stage campaigns, we typically get a lot of leads that we need to
 nurture for a long time, but with LeadCrunch we’re getting much faster conversions.
 These leads help us drive down customer acquisition cost.”
 “I have five bedrock lead gen partners.” Partners like Google for search and
 LinkedIn are part of that bedrock group. “LeadCrunch is one of my bedrock
 vendors now. For me, LeadCrunch means peace of mind and predictability,”
 said Bryce.