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Scaling an Enterprise Content Operation: How Siemens Delivers Better CX with Alignment Across Business Units

Sponsor Name: Kapost

Speaker: Amy Larsen, Head of Demand Generation, Siemens US

As a marketer today, you’re tasked with delivering exceptional customer experiences that will make or break the business. Content is the means through which you reach this goal—the delivery—but getting content right means operationalizing the way you tell your story. Enter: content operations, the how behind content strategy, that unites revenue teams to speak in one voice across each customer journey and accelerate revenue. Find out the challenges Siemens’ was facing, how they built a content operation to support their strategy, and get a peek into what’s next (hint: think AI).

Key Takeaways:

  • How disruptors in the market forced Siemens to change strategies
  • Siemens’ proven strategies to support CX
  • How content operations allowed Siemens to operationalize strategy
  • How to measure if your alignment to strategy is improving
  • How AI will impact the future of content operations