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Beyond the ABM Basics: How Snowflake Uses Intricately’s Data to Prospect, Prioritize, and Penetrate Accounts

Sponsor Name: Intricately

Speakers: Daniel Day, Senior Director, Account-Based Marketing and Market Planning, Snowflake Computing; Mike Pollack, Co-Founder, Intricately

Learn how Intricately gives Snowflake a competitive edge in scaling their account-based marketing program. With our insight into cloud spend and adoption, Snowflake can prioritize prospects based on the amount they’re currently spending on cloud services and their propensity to adopt new services like Snowflake’s data warehouse solution.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to define your Ideal Customer Profile and build Target Accounts with Intricately’s insight into cloud spend, usage and product adoption.
  • How to prioritize your target accounts based on potential and propensity to spend.
  • How to scale your ABM strategy with market intelligence on competitor and buyer behavior.