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Executive Fireside Chat: Putting Data at the Center of Your Marketing Universe

Sponsor Name: Integrate

Speakers: Mark Tack, SVP, Marketing, Integrate; Jaime Punishill, CMO, Lionbridge; David Alexander, SVP Marketing, SAP Concur

What are your revenue acceleration strategies for 2019 and how will reach your goals? The first step is through intelligent and actionable data. B2B marketing organizations must unify and amplify marketing tools and platforms to effectively manage and measure the performance of their demand generation programs to drive revenue and maximize ROI.

Learn from today’s top B2B marketing executives who have transformed their organizations to put high-quality data at the center of their marketing universes to take their revenue marketing to the next level. Jaime Punishill of Lionbridge and David Alexander of SAP Concur will share how they’ve overhauled their marketing databases to leverage marketing analytics for timely sales and marketing outreach that drives growth.

Mark Tack, SVP of marketing at enterprise software company, Integrate, will host and pull together an all-star fireside chat, pulling from his own experiences in the technology industry, to uncover and discuss:

  • Best practices to unify all top-of-funnel channels to improve marketing pipeline contribution
  • How to be outcomes focused to transform your marketing organization and set your company up for future success
  • Preventing data pollution to make the most of marketing automation software
  • Optimizing digital experiences and tools for maximized return on technology investments
  • Accelerating pipeline velocity to increase conversion rates