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Coping with COVID: How B2B Tech companies can adapt to the New Normal

Sponsor Name: Idio

Speaker: Brendan Hutchings, Idio - An Episerver Company

The COVID-19 crisis has profoundly impacted how B2B technology companies do business for the next few quarters.

Overnight, traditional methods of lead generation - tradeshows, cold-calling, direct mail, face-to-face networking - have been rendered obsolete. Similarly, account-based marketing initiatives powered by IP-lookup and third-party intent data solutions have lost their efficacy as buyers work away from the office in self-isolation at home.

Forward-thinking technology companies need to adapt quickly to drive pipeline during this time and come through it in an even stronger position.

In this presentation you will learn:

  • How companies such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Pure Storage & TATA use first party intent
  • New ways to accurately target and engage buyers that are self-isolating at home
  • How to use a predictive content strategy to meet audience needs during COVID