Summit US Case Studies Idio Case Study 2

The Always-On Revenue Engine, with Pure Storage

Sponsor Name: Idio

Speakers: Bill Mitchell, Director of Digital Experience, Pure Storage; Kevin Li, Chief Strategy Officer, Idio

The situation that Pure Storage faced was typical of most complex B2B enterprises: a sprawling content archive, a lack of content metadata and structure, a pressing customer requirement for greater relevance and finite resources with which to solve these growing problems.

Through the use of Idio, Pure Storage was able to fix these problems, and stitch together buyer journeys across multiple channels.

Today, Pure Storage has been highlighted by SiriusDecisions analysts as a leading example of building an “Artificially Intelligent Revenue Engine.” Their work with Idio has driven efficiency gains; lowering program management costs whilst driving a 289% increase in gated asset engagement.

In this case study session, Bill Mitchell (Director of Digital Experience, Pure Storage), and Kevin Li (Chief Strategy Officer, Idio), will walk through the process that was followed, and the progressive journey of building towards the goal of 1:1 relevance on every touch point. If you are interested in how you can build first-party intent data, predict customer journeys and adaptively tailor your experiences to customer needs, register now to hear more.

  1. Practical and valuable use cases for first-party intent data
  2. A tried-and-tested process for reducing marketing operations costs
  3. How to stand-up enterprise-grade AI within your marketing stack.