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The Journey to 1:1 Marketing with IHS Markit

Sponsor Name: Idio

Speakers: Byron O'Dell, Head of Corporate Marketing, Executive Director, IHS Markit; Ed Barrow, CEO, Idio

In this session, Byron O’Dell (Head of Corporate Marketing, Executive Director, IHS Markit) will outline the original challenges his team set out to solve, including customer engagement, silo’d channels, and a lack of consistent and reliable data on which to base predictions and measurements. He will show how to power a seamless 1:1 experience across web, email and advertising channels.

Using a range of vendors including Idio, IHS Markit has transformed the experience they can deliver to prospects into a unified cross-channel journey, personalized at the individual level. Byron and Ed Barrow (Idio’s CEO) will outline the journey towards 1:1 marketing and show the compelling results that come from using 1st party intent data to power joined up customer experiences.

Attendees will get:

  • a detailed view of how AI can be deployed into large marketing functions
  • a framework for planning relevant and orchestrated demand generation
  • tips and tools from the battlefield of enterprise B2B marketing