Summit US Case Studies Highspot Case Study 4

Workday presents: Improving Sales Productivity with a Centralized Sales Enablement Strategy

Sponsor Name: Highspot

Speaker: Christine Castle, Director, Sales Learning Strategies, Communications and Culture, Workday

Sales reps are inundated with content and communications from many important stakeholders and business partners on a daily basis. But the combination of filtering through the noise and wasting time finding the most important messages and content is inefficient and counterproductive. With a centralized sales enablement strategy and a single source of truth for content and communications, Workday has successfully streamlined the way its sales reps consume and share content and communications from partners across the organization. Supporting the centralized strategy, implementing a sales enablement solution has made sales reps more efficient and more productive.


Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the benefits of a centralized sales enablement strategy and how it improves sales rep productivity
  • Discover how to implement a sales enablement platform to centralize and align multiple departments and stakeholders
  • Learn best practices for streamlining sales communications and available sales content to focus on providing the most impact