Summit US Case Studies Highspot Case Study 3

How Hootsuite Optimized It's Sales Enablement Platform to Accelerate Sales Rep Ramp-to-Revenue

Sponsor Name: Highspot

Speaker: Shamis Thomson, Global Manager, Sales Enablement, Hootsuite

Many companies struggle with onboarding Sales reps and ramping productivity, even those with Sales Enablement solutions in place. Often, it is difficult to measure the impact of onboarding activities and justify whether or not they’re working. But with data and analytics captured by a Sales Enablement platform, companies can get smarter about developing the kind of content that works best and even correlate specific activities to faster time-to-revenue. This strategy ensures Sales Enablement platforms move beyond basic content management systems and contribute to real business impact.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn best practices for using Sales Enablement platforms to optimize sales support materials and sales content efforts
  • Discover how driving Sales Enablement platform usage can accelerate Rep time-to-value
  • Leverage Sales Enablement platform analytics to correlate content consumption to rep performance