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Focusing on Customer Success: Empowering Your Customers and Staff to Thrive Through Community

Wednesday May 6, 2020 | 12:35 PM - 12:55 PM

Sponsor Name: Higher Logic

Speakers: Kevin Alansky, CMO, Higher Logic, Brittney Wilson, User Engagement Manager, Health Stream

Building your business around customer success takes a unique approach. Providing best-in-class solutions simply isn’t enough. You also have to provide best in class support, documentation and training, and an easy way for customers to access it all on demand.

Community is becoming an increasingly popular way for organizations to have a tangible impact on their customer experience efforts. When coupled with key business tools like CRMs, ticketing systems, and federated search, customer communities can become a primary tool to improve the overall customer experience of your company. Implementing community is known to improve customer satisfaction rates 5.4x greater annually, help to achieve 41% grater average customer profit margin, and grow customer retention rates by 15%.

HealthStream, a Higher Logic customer, asked the question “What can we do to improve our customer’s success?” After many interviews with staff and clients, they determined that community the ultimate solution. The journey from idea to production came with many challenges but it has had significant positive impacts in the relationships with their clients, their ability to promote customer success, and their customer’s ability to better use their products.


  • Have a vision and develop a strategy: Start with an idea and interview all the stakeholder. Find out what your customers truly want and need. Then develop your strategy.
  • Getting your company on board: Developing a successful strategy for customer success takes buy-in. A single person or department cannot accomplish it alone.
  • Grow Community Champions: To focus on customer success, you must involve customers. Involve them on the journey, create exclusive opportunities for them, and reward them for their time and passion.
  • Expand value: Community is a tool that can be leveraged in every area of a business. Extend the reach and value of community for customers and staff alike by ensuring everyone has an opportunity to be a part of the conversation.
  • Selecting the right community partner: Your system is only as good as its weakest link. Once you’ve created a solid strategy, you must select the right community partner, or you’ll never achieve your goals.