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How Microsoft Uses AI to Increase Its SDR Conversion Rate by 3x and Deal Size by 60%

Sponsor Name: Enlyft

Speaker: Nicolas Facon, Senior Director of Worldwide SMB Sales Programs, Microsoft Corporation

With a target market of over 100 million companies, Microsoft’s SMB Sales Development teams struggled to answer three critical questions. 1) Which companies are most in need of its cloud services, 2) When will they likely buy and 3) What messages will resonate with each specific buying group.

To solve this problem, Microsoft turned to artificial intelligence (AI). Using AI, Microsoft now can determine the products each company in its target market uses, how likely each individual company is to purchase Microsoft’s solutions, and when their need will become critical. Using this information to create scalable sales development programs, Microsoft SMB increased its average deal size by 60%, and its qualified demand by 3x.

Join this session to hear how Microsoft:

  • Creates account-specific sales plays and nurture programs to engage and accelerate prospects throughout the buyer’s journey.
  • Uses AI to increase sales development efficiency and enable account-based marketing at scale.
  • Evaluated AI vendors to ensure they could scale to meet the demands of its sales and marketing programs.