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How Informatica Used Conversational Marketing To Book More Meetings, Build Quality Pipeline, and Close More Revenue

Sponsor Name: Drift

Speaker: Gary Gamitian, Director of Web Development at Informatica, Informatica

When a target account lands on Informatica’s website, they want to be able to engage with that site visitor as quickly as possible. Why? Because at that moment, the site visitor is highly engaged. Gary Gamitian, Director of Web Development at Informatica, knows that if he can instantly connect his site visitors with an expert on the sales team, there is a higher chance of converting that lead into an opportunity and ultimately, revenue.

Conversational Marketing has allowed Informatica to drastically improve the buying experience for their potential customers.

Informatica’s site visitors can now ask questions and get answers in real-time - a process that would have normally took 2 or 3 days with traditional web-forms.

  • Learn the fundamentals of Conversational Marketing in B2B marketing and sales
  • Define your own Conversational Marketing framework for improving the buying experience
  • Enable your dream accounts to engage with you in real-time while they are on your website
  • Generate more high-quality leads from the site traffic you already have
  • Close more business by reducing sales cycles by up to 40%