Summit US Case Studies Content4Demand Case Study

Executing a Vision: How Nasdaq Built a Content Library from Just 6 White Papers

Sponsor Name: Content4Demand

Speakers: Andrew Gaffney, President, Content4Demand; Xiomara Taylor, Director of Marketing, Board & Leadership, Corporate Services, Nasdaq

Budgets and limited resources are no reason to scale back your visions of a deep content library. Nasdaq spun just six WPs into nearly 50 assets – and developed a set of sales enablement tools so slick they could be client-facing – and they did it quickly. By kicking off meaty big-rock assets first, they repurposed pre-approved content into a steady stream of derivative assets – blog posts, social media copy, checklists, infographics and much more.

  • How to leverage big-rock assets to launch a steady stream of derivative content
  • Investing in sales/marketing alignment with sales enablement tools they’ll use
  • Balancing content needs with time, resource and budget restraints – without sacrificing quality
  • Streamlining processes by repurposing pre-approved assets (no stakeholder reviews, no SME calls!)
  • How Nasdaq built nearly 50 pieces of content from 6 white papers