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Interactive Intelligence: How An Artificial Intelligence Brand Uses Experiential Content to Educate the Masses and Earn the Monies

Sponsor Name: Ceros

Speakers: Som Paungladda, VP of Global Marketing, GumGum; Ryan Brown, Head of Brand Strategy, Ceros

Educating the market on the power of AI isn't just a task for dystopian filmmakers. Tech brands also have a story to tell. In this session, you'll learn how GumGum utilized Ceros to evolve its content marketing into engaging experiential content that aligns and inspires its customers with proof that AI can help protect their brand from unsafe content and serve their brand with contextually relevant placements. The result: True ROI across multiple touch points and better content experiences. Also in this session, you will learn how to: - Drive proven ROI from digital experiential case studies - Improve content engagement from your internal company stakeholders or client base via experiences - Activate engaging moments across your 360 cross-channel marketing program